Data fed. expert led.

Integral draws upon our extensive experience working with leading global marketers to help create and deliver exceptional brand experiences.  Our expertise includes research to guide brand strategy and development, innovation, and marketing effectiveness.

We provide a tailored approach to navigating marketing challenges.  We carefully diagnose and consider the context of the unique business situation.  Then, we craft tailored solution to bring clarity and confidence to marketing decision process.

As a full-service marketing research agency and consultancy, we can leverage our expertise in marketing and behavioral sciences to deliver the insights you need to optimize your business decisions and marketing investments.


critical insights for precise marketing

In this era of precision and contextual marketing, it’s more important than ever before to truly understand your market and where it’s headed.

Your most valuable market opportunities

The messages and brand assets that resonate best  

The moments that matter most to brand experiences and brand choice

Innovations that can be successful

We take an integrated view of your marketing activities and a holistic view of the customer experience.  Our insight can help you create and better manage your brand experiences across the entire customer journey.




Identify and target new markets with the right strategy and products.



brand value

Build and leverage the value of your brand promise and brand experience.




Identify, create, and launch successful new products.





Effectively reach your most valuable audience with the right message, with the right media, in the right moments.